Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving Up, Moving Out, Moving On

Today I finished up my last day of my junior year. I can officially be considered a senior now, I guess, which is strange to say. I did not want to make this post to be sappy or emotional. I want to provide a reminder to my future self of what this year was like. 

In 2013, my classes were like this:

  • Precalc was okay first semester, but after my teacher left for another school district, she was replaced by the most unqualified person possible. I struggled. 
  • Publications was life changing and I'll probably blog about it later.
  • Spanish was enriching and fun and educational and I am now confident in the language. Too bad the AP program was cut and my teacher is moving to Argentina with her new husband to open a bed-and-breakfast. [She invited us to visit at any time].
  • I aided for my Spanish II teacher who told me more about her divorce, illnesses, and financial state that I cared to know. She was a very sweet but very troubled woman. 
  • My AP English class was beyond amazing. I loved my teacher and everything about the class. I became a mature writer and analytical reader. I made a good connection with the teacher, which helped. She reminds me of someone I would want to be like in the future. We like the same movies, coffee, and even iPhone apps. She and I have had some awesome discussions. We even read with the same mindset. She, along with my yearbook advisers, is one of those underpaid, overworked, greatly appreciated teachers who can change lives. 
  • My ACP Chemistry class was a bore. It was one of those classes that no matter hard I worked, I never got above the A-, B+ range. Frustrating to say the least. I was pretty disinterested, but studied super hard for my grade. It taught me work ethic and about nothing else. Organic chemistry has to be my own personal hell. 
  • Government was one of the easiest classes ever, and had the potential to be terrible. I knew not one person, was the only junior [in a class of seniors], and had no real interest in the class. My teacher [married to the AP English teacher I worshipped] saw my boredom as well as my intelligence, and urged me to take the AP test since the AP course wouldn't fit in my schedule. He helped me prepare, which was a great experience. It ended up being one of my favorite classes. 
My after-school activities were like this:
  • I was a waitress at Tyler's Tender and it was fun and cute and sometimes annoying
  • I was in Best Buddies, where I paired up with Robin, a girl with down syndrome, to be friends and hang out. It was a blast. 
  • I was also involved with theater, National Honors Society, Junior Class Cabinet, Academic Letterwinners, Student Council, and all of the other college application necessities 
  • I took three dance classes and actually improved quite a bit
  • I did hot yoga and have felt closer to death than ever before
My social life was like this:
  • I made almost an entire new set of friends from the yearbook staff
  • I fell hard for a boy but he didn't like me back quite as much
  • I lost a best friend
  • I acted like an actual teenager once
  • I made more friends outside of school [work, dance, etc.]
  • I was bullied for the first time in my high school career
  • I made friends with mostly seniors who are all leaving me 
  • I loved the way things turned out
that is all. peace out 2012-2013 school year, it's been real

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