Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Acting our own age

Me and one of my best friends are both very mature for our ages. For example, she was house sitting for our school guidance counselor this week. She slept over at the house, took care of the dog, and made sure garbage was taken out, mail was taken in, and made sure the house was secure. A pretty mature job, right? She was lonely and bored, so I came over to the house to do homework and hang out. Yes, we were planning on doing homework after the three hour AP Government exam we took today. Turns out, we were sick of sitting around and doing homework, so we decided to act like normal teenage girls [on a school night]. That's what we are supposed to do, right? 
We drove to Panera bread, visited our friend when she was on break at work, and walked over to Chipotle to grab dinner. We talked and ate and caught up. It was a blast. We ordered the exact same thing and found out how much more alike we are than we had thought. We were so slap happy overtired so everything seemed funny. We decided to drive over to [a very sketchy] Dairy Belle, an outdoor ice cream shack for dessert, regardless of the fact that we were already bloated and sick from our gigantic burrito bowls. We played loud music and rolled the windows down. We sang loudly and had a real "teenager" experience. We ordered the same sprinkle dipped cone [typical] and sat outside in the 90 degree weather to watch the low-riding gangster cars and loud, creepy motorcycles zoom past. I counted 6 winks from strange men. We left soon after. 
I just couldn't be happier with the friends I have now. The people I am friends with now are not those I was friends with at the beginning of the year, but I finally am sure that it is for the better. Today, Liz and I acted like teenagers. And it was great.

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