Friday, May 10, 2013

the nonexistent fountain of youth

My grandparents are in town this weekend for Mother's Day, which is a great time for everyone. It means brunch and specialty chocolates and makeup samples. It means hugs and great conversation and the sharing of stories from years past. It also serves as a constant reminder of the aging process and how sad it is to see someone you know and love become older and less capable. I have lost several relatives to dementia, and helplessly seeing a loved one slip away mentally is the hardest thing I have yet to do. Neither of the grandparents that are here have a mental disease like that, but my grandfather is physically losing it and it is plain to see. He dropped the same handful of trail mix three times, all over the ground. He no longer can walk up stairs [his legs are immobile, and he drags them behind him with a walker or cane]. He is incapable of getting in and out of my mom's tall SUV or my dad's low riding sports cars. They stay in a handicap accessible hotel instead of our house. I know it is hard on my dad, who is slowly switching roles with his dad as a caretaker, protector, and a guide. Signs of aging are scary, and remind me every day to live life to its fullest while you can. Instead of continuing my cramming for my AP test [I took English today, Gov is Tuesday], I sat and talked with my grandparents about school and work and life. It was fantastic. The fountain of youth is nonexistent, so let loose a little bit. Appreciate your elders. Value family.
the two most amazing women in my life, my grandmother and mother

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