Sunday, May 5, 2013

my most glamorous evening to date

Today was one of the best days of the year. Definitely top ten. I woke up, went to my hair appointment, where I was asked every five minutes "what prom are you going to?" Today was the day of my school's prom, but I was going somewhere different. One of my favorite model/bloggers Rachel Lynch's anti-prom party, thrown in honor of one of my dearest friends, Rebecca, who interns for Rachel. My dad drove me to Becca's house, where we finished getting ready, and we took the train to downtown Chicago to Rachel's loft. We wandered the city for about an hour in search of chocolate covered strawberries and film cameras. Two cab rides later, we arrived at the apartment building of Rachel Lynch. I was a little bit starstruck, but it wore off quickly. She was surprisingly down to earth, which was comforting. We decorated her adorable apartment with string lights and pastel streamers, attempting to make a "prom" setting, complete with crowns and a photo booth. Her friends eventually trickled in: Kiara [super friendly art teacher, extremely personal, made me feel wanted], Sam [told me that I was gorgeous, but to always be modest], Alyssa [quiet but also very friendly] and quite a few other flaming gay boys and extremely well dressed 20-some girls. It was posh to say the least. We took pictures for the Zine [a fashion magazine project Rachel is working on] and a glass of champagne and a few salt water taffies later, I was feeling more a part of the scene. Rachel's tiny loft was filled with designer clothes she had been sent [she works as a fashion blogger/model] and kitschy little things which made me want to live in a city even more. Sophisticated friends, amazing style, what's not to love?

Me and Becca on the train to Chicago. We sat in the most adorable double seat on the second level and watched the people below us drink out of strangely shaped flasks. 

The goodies we ate at Rachel's. What a sugar coated, amazing night. 

The beautiful guest of honor. 

Me and Becca in Rachel Lynch's famous mirror she uses in her posts quite frequently. Becca's Jeffrey Campbell platforms were ridiculously hardcore. My Joan and David stilettos were more on the basic side. 

Rachel Lynch shooting Kiara Jade in her loft. We took hundreds of amazing pictures, and I just can't wait to see them all!

Rachel, Rebecca, Me, and Kiara. We had such an amazing time together, and I hope I can spend time with them soon. Those three are definitely some of the most amazing people in my life.

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