Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A disgrace to modern man

I rarely ever have intense emotional responses to anything I read on the Internet. Yet here I sit in bed, sobbing alone while a very ironic Beyonce song plays in the background. I am crying because I just came across the most horrific thing I have ever seen on the Internet. There is a website called Return of Kings which is essentially the bane of my existence. It serves as a "safe place for men who don't agree with where Western culture is headed." It has to be the most terrible thing I have ever seen. It degrades women, desensitizes men, and absolutely causes humanity to go back a few steps. It's impossible to describe in my own words, so here are a few screenshots. 

this contact information requires that one deem a feminist "ugly" in order to send an email. 

#6 of 10 in the article "10 Reasons not to Rape"

This was the point where I started crying.

Teaching young boys that showing their emotions is the "wrong" way to be a man

These are all full-length stories. 

After reading this, I immediately went to write this blog. Freedom of speech being denied to women and homosexuals? This is 2014.  I am beyond sickened. 

The ROK belief system is disgusting and makes me squirm. I seriously would read this and try not to punch a wall. 
 I don't really know how to end this blog. I urge you all to email these disgusting men and tell them what you think. Share my blog post. Share the website. Get this piece of trash off the Internet. 

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