Monday, March 3, 2014

Sister Club

   My sisters and I are best friends. They are 14 and 16, but it has always felt like we are all the same age. We help one another out in our own ways, and our very diverse personalities mesh into what I think is a flawless blend. We have a bond that I deem unique as opposed to many other siblings. We are so cohesive and loving and it seems like when one of us is absent or not feeling herself, the other two suffer. It's an enigma how we thrive on one another's company, but I love it more than anything in the world.
   When we were younger, my sisters and I used to have the "sister club," an all-exclusive clique in which all members must be blood-related female siblings. We thought we were the coolest thing to have ever happened in the neighborhood. We hand-made flags, created "spy kits" and wrote several full-length dramatic pieces that we forced our parents to silently appreciate from assigned seats on the couch. We often times got so lost in our own little world that five, six, seven hours of creative play would go by before our parents called us up to take breaks for lunch and dinner.
   We had conjured up dozens of completely original "games" with full story lines and a complex cast list and often would fight our parents to stay up late playing in our fictional fantasy. The sister club had sleepovers, movie nights, and "trade shows" in which we swapped candy for erasers or earrings for stuffed animals. We had [and still have] an inseparable bond. 
  The "sister club" remains strong and vital, even in our high school years. We often go out to dinner, get manicures, or just sit around and laugh at embarrassing videos of ourselves until we can hardly breathe. This past weekend, we made a "sister bucket list" of adventures we want to undertake before I leave for college this fall. 
   Thinking about leaving my sisters next year makes my heart yearn for our younger days of endless Barbie games and "bug hunting" in the backyard. I feel sick to my stomach when I imagine the thousands of miles that will separate our overtired giggles and nightly school outfit consultations, but I know we will remain close when the time comes for me to move out. 
   Currently, my mom and her siblings are having a really hard time communicating and getting along with one another. They barely have phone conversations and rarely see one another. It makes me feel so fortunate to have siblings I can call my best friends. I truly am the luckiest.

here are [quite a few] photos of my sisters and I. we have thousands upon thousands, but these were the most accessible/least publicly humiliating (trust me, I have blackmail beyond belief!)