Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Final [exam] Days

Two more days. Two days of finals and good-byes and emotions and stress and crowded hallways until I can officially call myself a senior. Eerie, right? I don't like it. Most kids are itching to get out of school, but for me, I am hesitant. First of all, I am scared out of my mind for my final exams. My grades are nowhere near they should be [I am notorious for setting high expectations and then failing to reach them], I have yet to write my thank you notes to my teachers [nerdy, whatever], and I just don't want to be a senior. 
There is SO MUCH to do in these next two days of school, and for me, these next couple days feel like a cliff. Every hour until the last day seems to push me closer and closer to the edge. Once I am pushed off the cliff [Tuesday at 2:09] I feel like I will fall into a scary abyss of college applications, summer school, waitressing, and homework for the next 52 days. 
Another reason I am dreading the end of school is how much I will miss my classes and teachers. That sounds awfully nerdy, so call me what you want, but this year I have had some of the nicest, most influential teachers to date. I will probably make a post further in depth, but I just don't know if next year will compare. I have built fabulous relationships with my teachers, which I will miss quite a bit.
As they say, when doors shut, others open, which is the mentality I will try keeping this week.

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