Wednesday, May 8, 2013

from the outsider's perspective

I go to a fairly large high school that boasts the best people-watching in all of Northwest Indiana. In my opinion, at least. For lack of a better blog post, I have decided to compile a list of things I observed from afar today on a typical Wednesday afternoon. 

  • a photo of a camouflage prom dress, taken at Saturday's prom
  • talk of an upcoming exchange of baggies filled with unknown substances weed 
  • a hoard of AP Calculus students zombie-crawling out of their AP tests
  • a girl eating a giant tub of chocolate pudding with a plastic spoon during passing period
  • a couple who needed a room. more like a house. or a mansion. it was gross, to say the least
  • more strange substances being arranged for "pick up." 
  • a teacher with a desk full of empty Mountain Dew cans. 
  • rowdy kids harassing a janitor
  • a student who came to class with no backpack, books, pencils, anything.
  • a girl overheating in the coldest room in the school
  • a student stressing out over AP tests to the point where she cried after school for a couple minutes. Oh, wait, that was me. 

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