Monday, May 13, 2013

It's the end of the year as we know it

The end is near and I can already see senioritis hitting its deadly phase. Most of my classes are with seniors, and I find it hilarious to watch their mannerisms. All seniors, from my 4.5 GPA best friend to the laziest of lazy kids who are failing my regular Government class, are starting to feel the itch to get out of high school.
I have observed some signs that the end is near in these past couple weeks:

  • Everyone is asleep. I literally have walked past classrooms full of seniors who are [I'm pretty sure] have reached REM and have sunk into a deep, snore-filled slumber. 
  • Even the smart cheat. I see extremely intelligent students sharing homework and getting help online, the mannerisms of the typical lazy student. 
  • People are talking more about Senior Banquet than finals. It's funny to see the sophomores stressing about finals and the seniors stressing about what costume they will wear or what award they might receive.
  • Shorts are shorter, arms are more bare, and no one seems to care. Dress code has become completely obsolete. What does a detention matter to a kid who is basically on his or her way to college?
  • Teachers have stopped teaching. At least some of them. I have heard of classes that have no lesson plan for the next 12 days. None. 
  • Even juniors have been catching the disease. Junioritis is a thing. I promise. 

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