Sunday, May 5, 2013

Suck it up like a man, apologize like a lady

Today, toward the end of my nine hour shift at the restaurant, I had a group that was ridiculously mean to me. They gave me a hard time about everything. I hit my breaking point when they tried to use two coupons [not allowed] to take off more than it allotted for [up to an $8 value]. I apologized to them for the inconvenience, but they were only allowed to use one coupon. The lady almost bit my head off with her harsh words and inappropriate volume inappropriately loud for a family restaurant. Of course I was upset and sad, but in the world of waitressing, you come to learn quickly that even when you are right, you are wrong. You apologize for your "mistake" and you move on. And take off both coupons even though you are not supposed to. And give free dessert or whatever. Even if they leave you an $0.85 tip. I have come to the conclusion that in the restaurant business, apologies are given out by the truckload and even if you know you are right you are wrong. Every time. Whenever I am wrong in a situation, I always admit it and move on, but I have a stubborn trademark when I am right, because when I am right, I am right. And I fight for my right to be right until the end, but not today and not any day at Tyler's Tender. I am always wrong. Every kitchen/customer/co worker's mistake is my own and I suck up my feelings like a man but always, always, always apologize like a lady. My paycheck is dependent on tips, anyway. 

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