Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taking Good With the Bad

Today was the slowest day at work I have ever had. The first day of nice weather had come, and no one wanted to be inside. In the five hours I worked, I waited on four groups. four. So naturally, we became bored, frustrated, and a little bit anxious. After we swept, mopped, restocked, bleached, and wiped every square inch of the restaurant, my coworkers and I ended up talking a bunch and really grew closer. In my mind, at least, we did. The server I worked with today, Annie, and I really bonded because we realized we are so much more alike than we had thought. 
We had so much in common:

  • We both are studying existentialism and take an interest in it
  • We both love poetry and philosophical literature
  • We both had an awkward emo stage in middle school
  • We both have met friends online
  • We both make friends with the teachers no one else takes a liking to
  • We both went to the same high school
  • We both are pretty nerdy to an extent
  • We both like good music 
  • We both have good relationships with our parents 
  • We both have serious cases of wanderlust 
  • We both dislike exercise and very much like milkshakes 
  • We both have similar mental states
  • We both think tattoos should be timeless, unique, and cause people to question them
It was great. Despite the lack of money I made at work [my pay is heavily based on tips], I made a friend and that was really nice. Aside from bonding with Annie, I was also informed by Roxanne [the kitchen manager who I was certain hated me but actually just comes off that way] that I was the better-liked new girl. All in all, it was a fulfilling, almost fun day at work. It comes to prove that even in employment, money isn't everything.

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