Monday, April 29, 2013

New outlook

As an assignment for my Publications class, all of the honors kids [team leaders, editors] have to present a binder which serves as an intruction manual to our jobs. Mine included a personal letter from me, a list of what my job as a team leader entails, and some helpful hints to being a successful team leader. While creating my binder, I noticed myself reflecting on the year of school itself and realized how fast it had gone. It seems like we just started the new semester, despite the fact that we have roughly six weeks of school left. I am excited for what next year will bring, but also nervous of the unknown.
I found myself thinking petty thoughts while making this binder, but it all seems too unreal

  • Will I actually look my age [18] by the time I enter senior year?
  • Maybe I will actually have a good group of friends for an entire school year
  • I could potentially know where I am going to college by November
  • At this time next year, I will be enrolled in college. college, people. 
  • Maybe my GPA will actually be acceptable to put on a college application
  • I am friends with almost no one that I was friends with last year. 
  • All [most] of my friends are seniors or older. Isn't that sad? 
  • Who would write a good letter of recommendation..
  • Why did I just eat an entire pint of ice cream?
  • I need a life
And the list goes on from there. This reflection made me anxious for a bit, but after realizing how many awesome things that are in store, I felt better. Fresher. Newer. Satisfied More open-minded. More inspired to get on with my life. 

A good outfit helps with a good mindset, right?

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