Friday, April 19, 2013

one small step for Sam, one giant leap for Samkind

My first post. It feels as though I need to introduce myself, the characters in the story of my life, or my point of creating this blog.  To start, I am a junior in high school who is wise beyond her years. I think like an adult, love journalism, fashion, ballet, and I currently serve as a team leader on my school's publications staff. I like lists, straight lines, and lots of white space. But that is enough about me. 
I want to introduce the characters that help me develop the story of my life. 

First, my family:
  • Father- David. An avid cyclist, opthomalogist, wine conoisseur, and fan of craft beer.  He is sensible, knows when I have stress, and is the best father one could ask for
  • Mother- Nancy.  A bookworm, leader of community service, health food lover, and a fan of cuddling with our dog, Charli [description to come]. She and I have clashing personalities but we get along most of the time.  She juggles the various roles of chef, chauffeur, nurse, and mother, and fills the part perfectly. 
  • Younger sister- Rachel. She is a freshman who loves all things athletic but has a taste for fashion. She and I are the best of friends and get along very well [most of the time]. Rachel will be on the publications staff next year, which makes me look forward to my senior year even more.
  • Youngest sister- Elly. She is in seventh grade, and fills that role perfectly. She is on the dance team, is hopelessly infatuated with Justin Bieber, and is in the process of becoming a makeup "guru."  Even though she is growing into her teenager shoes, I still see her as a five-year-old who has permanent Oreo crumbs plastered on her tiny face.
  • Puppy- Charli. By puppy, I mean nine-year-old elderly woman who is just too adorable to not be called a puppy. She enjoys laying out in the sun, watching comedies, and eating anything with a crunch. 
My family, post skydiving, in Israel, 2010

Next, my friend groups
  • Publications- I am a part of a family of around 55 journalists and I love every second of it. We have two parents, like any "normal" family, and they are two of the most inspirational, intelligent, hilarious, and talented women I have ever met, who we lovingly call "Wad" and "VP." My best friends fall into this group, and we work extremely well together to produce award-winning yearbooks, newsmagazines, and a website that represents our school. We travel, damage small buses, stay up late, eat junk food, stress out, cry, scream, laugh, and love. It is the most peculiar, amazing thing. 
Our [very disfunctional] publications family at the annual Christmas extravaganza

  • Theater- I am also a part of another family at my school: the theater family. I am involved in the musicals at school, and although I do not participate in every show, I am always welcomed back with open arms. Nothing's better than singing, dancing, and acting alongside my extremely talented peers.
  • Harand Camp- I have been going to a family owned and run theater camp for the past ten years. There, I have learned how to sing, act, dance, make friendships, make beds, get along with others, and trust others. I have a deep love for this camp and the amazing family that runs it, and it is the sole place I feel 100% comfortable 100% of the time. I have made friends that have not been to camp in several years, yet I communicate with all the time. It is a truly fabulous place.
That is my life in bullet points [my favorite] and I know that my hobbies, favorite things, and style will come through within my posts. I hope to make this blog a window to my life through writing, fashion, and design.  I want to inspire others as well as motivate myself. I want to portray myself through my sophisticated style and frame of mind. 

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