Friday, April 26, 2013

Junior slump or comeback of the year?

Right now, the end of April, is a rough time of the year. We juniors are trying to keep our grades up so our transcripts sparkle for our college applications, we are under the stress of taking our ACT and SAT tests, AP testing is in two weeks, my Publications staff is trying to [smoothly] wrap things up, and it seems as though every teacher has planned giant projects, tests, etc. on the same day. This is why I have gotten an average of 4 hours of sleep per night and I know my peers often get even less. It is all just trying to play the catch-up game, making sure everything gets turned in. I have had an interesting week, nonetheless, because when I am get extreme anxiety, my behavior changes quite a bit. 
For example: 

  • I ate three doughnuts yesterday but only cantaloupe and carrots today
  • I went to hot yoga in a 108 degree room even though I've been feeling sick
  • I have worn the same black cardigan three days in a row [ssshh no one needs to know] 
  • I ate 11 servings of mini chewy sweettarts [my guilty pleasure, which I stash in my bedroom] 
  • I have recurring nightmares of my best friend getting killed
  • I have recurring fantasy dreams of having unlimited frozen yogurt 
  • I have painted my nails four times in 2 days
  • My room is messier than I have ever seen it [I never go to bed with a super messy room] 
  • I have been wasting my time looking at infographic blogs. INFOGRAPHIC BLOGS. procrastination has never looked so nerdy
Anxiety at its best, people.

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