Thursday, June 13, 2013

when the lights go down.

Light is all around us, literally as well as metaphorically. We are consumed by the light of our cell phones or computers. When the sun goes down, lights go up and we continue with our night. We rely on light to perform what we consider basic tasks, and without it, we are lost. We stumble through literal darkness as well as a dark mood or feeling. When there is no light, fear overtakes us and we become lost and alone. We spread light, we shed light, and we light up our own world through the electricity of power lines and human spirit. 
So what happens when the power goes out and all lights are shut off for hours? 
Moods shift from exuberant to depressed. Cell phones are frantically run out to car chargers and those lucky enough to own the envied generator are powered up. Candles are lit, whiny tweets are sent, and fear blankets the darkened area. 
A lack of light brings out different reactions from different people. Some help their neighbors tap into a working power line through extension cords. [My father, one of those neighbors, walked door to door in the record winds and rain to make sure everyone was okay. He was deemed "block captain" by the local police, and he takes his responsibility seriously.] Some generated just enough electricity to watch the third overtime of the Blackhawks game. [Hawks win, yay!] Some ate cold pizza and played Rummikub by candlelight. [My family] Some just went to sleep and hoped the power would be turned back on when they awoke. 
After what seemed like ages [about five hours], peace was restored. 
Relieved and satisfied and tired, the lights were turned off and the town went to sleep.
We were at ease and there was light and all was good in the world. 

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