Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the birth of a yearbook

"Finding the perfect yearbook theme is like finding the person you'll marry. It just feels right"- the wise words of one the most amazing teachers people out there, Mrs. Sarah Verpooten.

It felt right. The bright color, the story, the meaning, the thin details and thick lines, the black and white and the transparency. It is perfect. My yearbook is coming together so prematurely. 

Late last night, after a grueling hour of hot yoga, I had my friend over to eat cupcakes.

With two cupcakes from Designer Desserts and a GQ magazine in tow, she made her way to my door. I answered with wet hair, pajamas, and not a drop of makeup. Rough. We ate and talked and we made our way to my room to flip through the [raunchy and eye-opening] men's magazine. We were reading for design, not content, although we did learn a few things.

That's when it clicked. 

The consistency, the color, the lines, the angles, and the absolute perfection of this magazine blew up my tiny little yearbook theme idea into a huge burst of confidence and excitement and brilliance. 

At around 1:45 this morning, I was still post-it noting the magazine and further developing my ideas. I made a Prezi presentation and a inspiration board and I just couldn't keep it out of my mind. 

I rushed into school this morning to meet with my advisers, Carrie Wadycki and Sarah Verpooten, and the Herff-Jones [our publishing company] representative Betty Samples [the amazing woman who will make my dreams come true].  

After presenting my idea three separate times. [Wad came later, Samples was bringing donuts, and VP was there earlier], I receive reactions I would never expect to have gotten. 

VP gave me an assuring glance and a huge smile. She pointed out things that I didn't think of, but made sure I was aware that I had a great idea and that I was on the right track. She is one of those people that once you gain their respect, you feel on top of the world. 

Wad is not a huge yearbook person, but told me that she understood my idea. She was excited and happy and seemed very proud. It was a cranky day for Wad, and I was overjoyed that someone I respect so much actually took a huge interest. 

I'll admit, I was scared to death of Samples. I barely know her, but after today, she is one of my favorite people. She showed the same squealing [not a word] nerdiness yerdiness I have, and was beyond excited. She was immediately coming up with ideas and concepts, and we were totally on the same page. I was overjoyed. She is one of those people who don't blow smoke. She is brutally honest. And she loved it. 

They say when the time is right, the moment will come. And it came. And I couldn't be happier. 

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