Saturday, June 8, 2013

Starting the summer off right

For the past 10 summers, I had spent my time at a theater camp in Wisconsin. It was my home away from home, and most of my closest friends were campers with me at a point in time. This summer, I decided to stay home because everyone my age was hired to be a counselor, but me, not graduated from high school [stupid Indiana cut-off] was not. Instead of going to camp as the weird 18 year old camper, I planned on staying home. I immediately regretted the decision and assumed that this would be the most boring summer ever. It totally is not. 
  • I work about three or four days a week, which is just enough to pay for gas or clothes and still have free time to do whatever I choose. 
  • I am taking Personal Financial Responsibility class online with my sister. We have vowed to get a 100% in the class, which will totally boost our GPAs. 
  • I hosted a party for Publications staffers to work on the summer project we were assigned. I met some pretty precious little freshmen as well as bonded with two awesome girls I never really talked to last year. 
  • I am reading five books for AP English next year. 
  • I am working on next year's yearbook [every time I talk about it, type about it, or think about I just get so excited]
  • I am reading good books and watching good movies and actually making time for myself.
  • I am hanging out with my friends as well as making new ones [most via Twitter, but it's whatever]
  • I am picking out outfits and reading about clothing and pursuing my hobby in fashion, which is always a fun time.
  • I have made a healthy pact with myself. [Every day I either dance, go to hot yoga, or go on a run. I allow myself one unhealthy food per day. (today was cotton candy ice cream, woops) I do 40 crunches a night. I only drink water.]
  • I allow myself to be me. I wear what I want, listen to what I want, read what I want [besides summer homework], and act how I want. It sounds selfish, but that's what summer is about, right?
one of my daily unhealthy treats 

one of my healthy summer meals
I bought new books and magazines and re-organized my desk. Just doing me this summer.

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