Thursday, June 20, 2013


I'm 18. I can officially be tried as an adult, buy cigarettes, play the lotto, and go into any store I want [even those dirty video and lingerie ones!] I don't feel 18, but I know this year will change me into the adult I have set out to be. 
Last night, I was sulking around and being upset about my lack of birthday plans, when my mom said to get dressed because I was going to a local fair and out to dinner with the rest of the family. I wasn't exactly in the mood [I was supposed to have plans with friends] and I was getting dressed when the doorbell rang. Two of my best friends were at the door and told me to put on a dress and get in the car. I followed their orders, overjoyed at the fact that my night was about to get so much better.
Apparently, my friends had been in cahoots with my parents and sisters, and planned this night weeks ago. We went out to dinner, walked around a gorgeous local park, and went out for ice cream. It was an absolutely perfect night that reminded me how lucky I am to have such great friends. They gave me a book of coupons to things like "free tour of Boston" and "free weekend in Bloomington" [where my friends are going to college] along with days at the beach, the city, and even girl's nights in. They also gave me a photo book that makes me cry every time I flip through it. 
Last night, I came to a realization at what being an adult really is about. It's not about later curfew, having a car, or having a boyfriend. It's not about having a job or wearing makeup or anything like that. It's about becoming yourself and knowing who you are. It's about confidence and self-awareness. It's about knowing who your true friends are and appreciating what life has to offer. It's about maturity and love and happiness. 

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