Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Wisdom is a very abstract term. It can mean wisdom of different topics, ideas, or basically anything one chooses to focus on. One can be wise in terms of general intelligence or life experience or comic books or car racing or art or science. Everyone is wise in some aspect or another.  
I was at my oral surgeon's office yesterday for an evaluation before I get my wisdom teeth removed. Doctor's offices make me nervous, so I tried to calm myself down by reading the generic "wisdom teeth for dummies" brochure. The stock-photo trifold explained all types of complications that come with surgery as well as a brief infographic on what those giant teeth are doing under my bone and why they need to be extracted. [things that made me even more anxious] It also said that these teeth are developed and extracted between the ages of 17 and 24, known as the wisest years, which gives these teeth their name. 
I agreed that this age range could be considered the wisest years, as young adults are known to have strong opinions, read strong opinionated books, and talk about strong opinionated subjects. During this time, young adults break away from their parent's beliefs and form their own set of morals. They go off to institutes of higher learning and build on their knowledge and focus on subjects they want to become wise in. Young adults have the drive, and seek wisdom wherever they go. 
I was always told that I was "wise beyond my years." I never really understood that, but now I realize what my parents friends, relatives, and coworkers meant. I seek the knowledge. I seek the wisdom of others. I never can quite quench my thirst for books or essays or movies or any source of information. I was an early talker, walker, and gawker and I really did learn to observe the world around me through my favorite stories. 
Now that I am in my so-to-speak "wisest years" I feel that I have no choice but to continue my quest for wisdom and knowledge. I am always trying to challenge myself in areas I enjoy, as well as those I don't so much. [Math, Science, etc.] I'm reading good literature and teaching myself graphic design and practicing true Vinyasa yoga and becoming my own person. I am creating and learning and soaking in the knowledge I seek. I am reading about topics I never thought would capture my attention [the universe, relativity, the universal quantum theory of gravity, black holes, stars, etc.] 
So, for those who are in their wisest years, I challenge you to challenge yourself. Become wiser, more knowledgeable young adults. Make our generation the wisest one yet. Stop playing dumb or making stupid decisions. Your wisest years are now

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