Sunday, July 28, 2013


This weekend, all the girl cousins on my mom's side stayed together in Lauren's [the oldest cousin] apartment in Chicago. There were six of us staying in the Lakeview apartment [we kicked Lauren's boyfriend out] and we couldn't have had a better time. We are rarely together at the same time because of differences in college breaks, jobs, etc., and this weekend we got so lucky to all be together. 
Lauren planned fun filled days for us, and we really bonded as a family. We went out for sushi, saw a Second City [comedy] show, went to a street market, and shopped like it was nobody's business. [all of my older cousins have an impeccable sense of style] We reminisced about our past memories and talked about the other family members. We discussed college and marriage and everything in between. We talked about our ill grandfather and our deceased grandmother and all the fond memories we have of them. We laughed until we cried and we came up with some really memorable inside jokes. 
I think spending time with people who share such a similar upbringing is necessary in everyone's life. In my cousins I can totally see the morals that my grandparents instilled in our parents, who instilled them in us. We all have a dry[ish] sense of humor, have an interest in style, work hard, and enjoy cottage cheese. We like searching for good deals, walking off our meals, and Instagramming everything around us to capture the moment. We like watching funny movies and playing Catchphrase at 10 in the morning. It's crazy to me how similar relatives can be, but I totally love it. I love seeing how [even hundreds of miles apart] we are so alike. Family values are important, and it makes me glad to know that our family's future is safe with the "super sexy six." [what my 14 year old sister named our little posse] 

[from left to right] Elly, Rachel, me, Julie, Amy, Lauren
Lauren and I on the bus [the main form of transportation for the weekend]

Our little posse at the Second City show at the UP comedy club

The cousins [including Brian, Lauren's brother, and Mark, Lauren's boyfriend] out to brunch this morning at Anne Sathers

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