Friday, July 5, 2013


Yes, I know Independence Day is for celebrating our country's emancipation from the British regime, but I'm here to talk about independence as a person. Becoming an adult, basically. 
As I blogged about before, my family went on vacation, leaving me home alone to take care of the house. This week, I have grown up so much, becoming a very independent young adult. Adult in the sense of doing my own laundry, washing my own dishes, securing the house for the night, cooking for myself, and making sure I am where I need to be. This freedom has also allowed me to go for spontaneous pedicures [with my new blogger friend Marisa] and watch fireworks from my hatchback in a Culvers parking lot with an old best friend. I go to sleep when I want, eat what I want when I want [ice cream at 1 am, salad at 11 in the morning], and buy what I want [a new clock and string lights for my room]. I run errands for my parents, make sure the garbage and dry cleaning are taken out on the correct days and even send my little sister care packages to camp. My friend and I were talking tonight about people who try to grow up too fast, and how those people don't understand what growing up is. Growing up isn't hooking up with random guys or getting drunk at silly sleepovers. It's not staying out late and lying to your parents. It's not about sneaking around and eventually getting caught. Growing up is going to the UPS store to send back a cable box that needs to be replaced. It's vacuuming up your mess and putting away laundry, even if it isn't yours. It's about setting the burglar alarm when you leave the house and making sure the outside lights are on. It's about eating right [most of the time] without anyone shoving vegetables down your throat. It's about getting gas and getting groceries and getting paid at a job you work hard at. It's about realizing your responsibilities as an adult. Independence is the ability to live alone, and not rely on parents or boys or friends or anyone. Independence is about being mature, responsible, and classy. Happy Fourth of July. 
xxx 🇺🇸

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