Thursday, February 6, 2014

my a[musing] lifestyle

   In my English class, we are learning the Romantics period, the time in which everything changed from ways of living to industry to literature to art. In this period, some of the most influential and talented writers came to be. 
   During this time, poetry was no longer inspired by divine muses or specific topics. Poetry covered everything. Poets drew inspiration from common instances in the world around them. They inspired themselves. This philosophy really resonated with me. Inspire yourself. Become your own muse.
    I have recently tried living in this mentality, and I have to say, I have become such a happier person. At the gym, I run faster and longer because it makes me feel good, not because 6-pack-Sally is staring me down from across the elliptical row. My yoga practice has deepened from a simple form of exercise to a truly meditative device in which my stress is lifted and my soul is revived. My style has changed from imitations of what I find on fashion blogs to anything that feels "me" that day. My diary entries are less superficial and I have stopped caring what others think entirely. It's a fearless feeling that has taken me years to develop.  
   I decided that taking a break from the exhausting quest to find my "inspiration" has lead me to the muse that inspires me the most: myself. 

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