Friday, February 14, 2014

a newfound love

I have been involved in theater all 4 years of high school. I have never had a lead role, never had a group of theater friends, and every post-show dinner had been spent at a little table with a few acquaintances. I never fully understood why people called the cast their "theater family' because I never established such a passionate love for those with which I shared the stage.
In the show I am currently in, Zombie Prom, the cast is unlike any other. There is no drama. No one is rude or self-righteous. We all share a common bond in that we put on this show in record-breaking time. We stand as one. I honestly have never felt so strongly [in the most positive way] about a school play.
And tonight, my opinion has only been elevated to a new height.
I was sitting in a local diner at a table full of people I have become so close to this year. I was laughing until my voice went hoarse. I had never felt such a sense of love for people of all ages, genders, and personalities. Sitting in the middle of that long table was something I never got to do when our theater company used to be so divided and cliquey. Tonight, I surrounded myself with the witty, adorable, talented people I love and I have never felt happier. It was bliss.
I often wish I had met this year's cast sooner because it feels like just as I am getting ready to graduate, these amazing people come into my life. I, however, would not have it any other way. The short time we have left together will be sweeter, the laughs more hearty, and the sense of love more powerful. This cast is my family and when this show is over, I am confident I will keep my close relationship with them. If not, I might just go mad with theater withdrawal. 

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