Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello, 2014

2013. This past year, I drifted from some of my best friends, reconnected with old friends, and formed an inseperable bond with the girls I consider to be my closest friends. It was also a year of firsts. First music festival [Lollapalooza], first college acceptance [Boston University], first job, first summer home from camp, first byline in the local paper, first steps into adulthood. With this transition, I took on some pretty hefty responsibilities. Being an editor-in-chief, flying alone to visit colleges, getting a boyfriend, keeping up my GPA; it's been a tough go, but I feel like 2013  was also a year of balance. I learned how to make myself happy doing the things I love while also putting 100% into what is really important. I delved into good literature and learned how to read critically and write concisely. I became educated in feminism, which has become a huge part of my existence. I made great friends with a teacher who has changed my life in the best way possible. 2013 had many sleepless nights and tears and coffee and frustrated pounding on the computer keyboard, but now my future is bright. 2014 has never looked better. 2014 holds graduation and the print of my yearbook and college and new opportunities and a career in journalism. Hello, 2014. You look so bright. 

some 2013 highlights-
In June, I went to Indianapolis with my best friends .

In July, I went to a one week journalism workshop where I developed my yearbook and met my boyfriend and bonded with my fellow staff members. 

In August, my sister turned 16 and she had a party and invited my best friends before they left for college. 
In August, I went to Lollapalooza for three days with Emma and had the time of my life.

In September, I met Maneet and we bonded over fashion and NBC sitcoms

In October, I visited Anna in Boston and fell in love with everything about the city.

In November, I went back to Boston for a journalism convention, where I roomed with these swaggies and made three new best friends. 

In December, Tavi Gevinson, editor of Rookie, signed my book and danced to Hilary Duff with about 100 other crazy teenage girls.

In December, Nick and I both got into our dream schools. 

peace out, 2013

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