Thursday, August 15, 2013

Senior Year

To be completely honest, I was dreading the first day of school. dreading it. I wasn't nervous for my classes [okay, maybe AP English] and I wasn't stressed about seeing my friends throughout the day. I was scared because I knew once senior year started, it would go by so fast. And it already has been.
I love school. I really do, and knowing that this is my last year freaks me out because of how comfortable I have become with my teachers, my classes, and my friends. 
For my own sake, I wanted to review my classes as I know them now [three days into the year] so that when I do my final review at the end of the year, I [and you, reader] can laugh at how incredibly naive I am.

Spanish IV Honors: After AP Spanish got cut, I was a little upset to have Mrs. Laskey as my teacher. I had only heard negative things about her, and I was not very pleased going in. In the first five minutes of the class, however, she was cracking dry, Spanish jokes and sharing hilarious stories about her days as a shoe saleswoman. We had a quiz assigned as well as some practice assignments, but it was nothing bad. I have a feeling that after this year, I will be closer to my goal of complete fluency. 

Forensics: Walking into class, I was told to write my name, grade, and "hobbie" on a note card. The silly spelling error summed up the entire class. The students are all either drug addicts, bubbly, dumb girls, or stuck up jockey boys who are too cool to do their homework [so they copy mine]. The teacher, Mrs. Thomas, is very sweet and passionate about science, but is not the most eloquent with her words. If she spoke to us in a different way, I would have a much better impression of her. I feel almost insulted with the way she has to talk to down to the less intelligent students. It's sad. Forensic Science is a very interesting, complicated field, and I just hope the class allows me to explore the topic further in depth. 

Publications: The chaotic class of 72 greatly intimidated me the first day, but after presenting my yearbook theme [I'm the editor in chief] and paying for my staff's love with cookies, I think I'm on the right track. I got a ton of positive feedback [and some negative] and it just makes me feel so good to know that other people support my ideas. My advisers are absolutely amazing and supportive and I love every second of that class. My little sister is on my staff, and it makes it that much more fun. 

AP Stats: My teacher, Mr. Fox is the coolest guy around. I had him for Algebra II Honors sophomore year, but I dropped it when my grade neared the dreaded "C." Now I'm back for this class, and he didn't seem to hold any grudge and welcomed me into class. It's going to be a challenging one, but I think the new form of math will come easier to me. It's a ton of cool labs and creative project displays, which I am looking forward to. 

AP English: This class is so hard to describe. I don't even know where to start. I walked into the small classroom that was covered from floor to ceiling with pictures of students. My teacher rose from his desk [obscured by bookshelves] and strided to the front of the class, his long, white hair flowing behind him. He talked and joked and insulted us multiple times. He is the single hardest person to read. He spoke so eloquently, I was taken aback. I have a good feeling about this class. I am terrified of the 3000 page textbook and ridiculous grading tactics, but excited nonetheless. 

Study Hall: I was originally in the wood shop room with 40 other annoying kids, but I am now aiding for my all time favorite teacher, Mrs. Clark. What a perfect arrangement. 

I think senior year is going to be perfect. 

My sister, Rachel, and I on the first morning of school. 

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